Short Sale

Thinking about a shortsale??

Forget a shortsale Craig… I’m doing a Loan Mod!

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I’m glad you found my site… because nobody tells you the difference between a short sale and a foreclosure, deed in lieu, or loan modification.
Nor do they tell you how a short sale will affect your credit.

To Short sell or not to Short sell… that is the question a lot of people are asking.

Other Realtors (even friends and family) may be telling you that a short sale is the best… only way out!  What they don’t know (or aren’t willing to tell you) could hurt you.

You Have Options!

This decision is not a “one size fit’s all” decision.  A short sale may be the best option for one person but a loan modification may be better for another… what about a Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure?

Learn some of the “highlights” (so to speak) of each option. Will you have a tax consequence? What is the potential damage to your credit? If/When will you be able to buy another home?…etc.

I’ve prepared a report to answer some of those basic questions. What you learn in the report may shock you!

Enter your info below and you’ll get a report of those highlights.  If you’d like to speak with me directly you can reply to that report and I’ll call you for a free, confidential consultation to see if a short sale is actually the best option for you… and if not, what is?!

I know you’ve got foreclosure questions… you may be asking yourself:
* Will I have a deficiency judgement if I do a short sale?
* What are foreclosure consequences vs short sale consequences
* Will a short sale stop a foreclosure auction… and, if so, for how long?
* Will doing a shortsale help you avoid foreclosure?

Everyone wants to know how will a short sale affect your credit.

Have you ever wondered how to do a short sale?

If you had to choose a short sale versus (vs) a foreclosure, would you know which one to choose?

Everyone will tell you that a short sale will stop a foreclosure… but will it?
Are you going to “wing it”? or do you need a foreclosure plan?

And… what are your foreclosure options?

Take rest in knowing that I’ve assembled a team of foreclosure specialists that are all working for you.  Your foreclosure specialists make sure you know the answers to shortsale vs foreclosure.

We will make sure you have all the short sale information you will need.

Information that could help you stop foreclosure without bankruptcy.
And with the new HAMP and HAFA programs, you may be able to get money when you shortsale your home.  In fact, I’ve been successful in negotiating more money for some homeowners, than the HAFA guidelines would allow.

Other things you’ll want to consider are if you qualify for are getting away from a deficiency judgement by doing a short sale.  By the way… if the ball is dropped on this one aspect… it could cost you a small, unpleasant, fortune!

Don’t wait another minute to know the short sale rules, enter your info below to lean about our short sale services and keep yourself from the thing that could devistate your family financially. Learn the crucial secrets that the banks aren’t telling you.

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